Case Studies & White Papers

As part of our commitment to “Making Sustainability Sustainable,” TerraLogos provides our clients with current and cutting edge research about sustainability in the built environment and beyond.  We want to share the knowledge that we have gained by working with our clients. We have two kinds of research information posted to our website that is available for downloading or review. The first are case studies that summarize our knowledge about specific building types such as LEED for Schools projects. The second section covers more general research into relevant sustainability topics through white papers, slideshows or other media covering items such as “What is Integrated Design?” or “The Urban Heat Island Effect.”

Also refer to our Portfolio section and download project sheets which contain specific information about the green features, how we met the LEED requirements or Baltimore City Green Building Standards criteria and other sustainable aspects of the project. We welcome your feedback on any of our research through our blog Green Fish, comments or just let us know if the information was helpful.  Please check back frequently as we are constantly updating our research and educational efforts.

Case Studies White Papers
LEED Fire Station Design Urban Heat Island Effect