Key Players

This project was definitely a team effort! Each member contributed significantly and we invite you to check out their respective websites for more information on their company and services offered. The project team who developed the standards included:

In-House HCD development team included:

This project could not have been developed without the strong support of HCD led by Deputy Commisioner Michael Braverman. Team TerraLogos would also like to thank the following people:

  • Nadya Morgan- Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner
  • Ghansam Patel- Director, Plans Examinin
  • Bronwyn Phillips, LEED AP- Plans Examinin
  • Wendi Redfern- Director One Stop Sho
  • Sarah Zaleski- Baltimore Office of Sustainabilit
  • Beth Strommen- Director Baltimore Office of Sustainabilit
  • Eric Uttenreither- Inspection
  • Eric T. Booker- Inspection
  • The Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, MD, especially Councilman James B. Kraft – for initiating the whole concept of green buildings for Baltimore!

Plus all the people we interviewed, made comments and reviewed the multiple draft copies, sat through endless meetings and in general, promoted the idea of a workable Green Building Standard tailored for our city.