How to Use the Applicants Scorecards

The Project Scorecards are provided, as Excel spreadsheets in editable format, as a planning tool for project teams to:

  • Help plan compliance strategies.  Provided for your use, find:
    • Extra information on compliance requirements to help identify which credits your project can readily achieve, can achieve with some effort, and cannot achieve.
    • Project Planning columns to list credits as YES or Maybe.  Use these to mark the credits accordingly as you plan your project.
    • References to associated LEED® Reference Guide sections to help you find the information sources quickly and easily.
    • Identification of credits modified for the Standards, with a brief summary of the modifications, to help you understand how these credits vary from the customary LEED versions.  Find more detailed information in Volume 2 of the Standards.
    • Identification of credits unique to the Standards, with a brief summary of requirements. Find more detailed information in Volume 2 of the Standards.
    • Identification of Automatic Credits, for which no documentation is required.
    • Identification of Pledge Point Credits, which require a long-term commitment to complying with specific building operation standards. Find more detailed information in Volume 2 of the Standards.
  • Track submittal requirements.  Use the Notes / Credit Assignment column to keep track of what needs to be done and who on your team will do it.
  • Compare the pros and cons of selecting one Standards Rating Program over another.  Quickly fill out the YES and MAYBE columns is two or more Rating Program Scorecards to discover which rating program is best for your project.

The Excel Spreadsheets are NOT to be submitted to Plans Examining as any part of the Building Permit Application documentation.  All required documentation must be submitted in formats conforming with Plans Examining Requirements.  Each type of documentation must be placed in whichever of the following three documentation formats is appropriate for that item of documentation:

  • On-line Scorecard
  • Plan Sheets
  • Standards Verification Package

For detailed requirements, refer to either:

  • the Standards, Volumes 1 and 2 and Appendix
    AND / OR
  • Handout materials available at Plans Examining, Room 101, 417 E. Fayette Street.