Waverly Elementary School - RFP Response

Client: Baltimore City Public Schools
Project Location:Waverly Neighborhood, Baltimore, Maryland
Cost: NA
Completion: RFP Response

TerraLogos collaborated with Penza Bailey Architects to respond to an RFP extended by the Baltimore City Public Schools system for the renovation and major addition to the existing 1970’s elementary school, located in the heart of the Waverly neighborhood. Our presentation included a quick concept study for incorporating as many LEED for School and green building strategies as possible, while evaluating the program, circulation, site development and phasing requirements included in the design brief.

Environmental Design Features:

• Efficent high volume HVAC system
• Existing building tested and all air leaks to be sealed
• High efficiency geothermal heating with radiant floors
• High R-value wall assemblies for addition to existing building
• Atriums constructed to allow natural daylighting to penetrate all 3 levels of the circulation space
• Building itself to be used as a classroom to educate the students about sustainable living
• Green roof installed to reduce water runoff as well as the heat island effect
• Permiable surface playgrounds to allow water filtration

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