Suitland Elementary School

Client: Prince George’s County Public Schools
Project Location: Suitland, Maryland
Cost: $15.8 Million
Completion: 2005

TerraLogos assisted in “greening” this major renovation and addition to a 1960’s one-story Elementary School through the design phase. TL worked closely with the project architect and PGCPS facility staff to develop a Sustainability Plan based on the LEED Rating program. Working with this plan the project team was able to design a high-performance school with anticipated energy savings of 25%. The building itself was designed to serve as a teaching tool. Throughout the building murals, interactive displays, and energy use monitors allow students to become part of the sustainable experience.

Environmental Design Features:

• Use of natural daylight is featured throughout the school. Upper level classrooms are daylit by clerestory windows outfitted with roof overhangs to control solar heat gain and glare.
• Classrooms are designed to take advantage of natural ventilation via an exhaust fan in each room which can be turned on when the windows are opened. The fan coil unit is automatically cut off when the ventilation fan is running.
• Photovoltaic shingles on the south-facing roof capture energy that is stored in batteries to power the science classroom.
• Students can monitor real time gauges showing solar energy gathered, attery capacity, total building kilowatt demand, and the science classroom kilowatt demand.
• Ceramic tile murals throughout the school feature life-size animals that contribute to a theme of environmental awareness.
• A courtyard is connected directly to the science classroom and serves as an outdoor learning environment.

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