Random House Distribution Center - Energy Study

Client: Random House Publishers
Project Location: Westminster, Maryland
Completion: 2007

TerraLogos was engaged by the major publishing firm to analyze their North American Distribution Center for energy and water savings. The project began with a preliminary analysis of existing conditions. An on-site survey and a utility analysis were used to generate a baseline for the buildings. Twenty-three Energy Conservation Models (ECM) and five Facility Improvement Measures were developed and evaluated for their relative cost effectiveness. We bundled the 23 ECMs and 5 Facility Improvement Measures into 3 primary strategies and 1 future option.

Energy Conservation Strategies

• Strategy 1 – Reduce lighting loads and electric power usage throughout the facility
• Strategy 2 – Reduce external heat gain loads for Building 3+4
• Strategy 3 – Reduce or Eliminate Mechanical Heat Generation in Buildings 1,2,3 & 4
• Strategy 4 – Advanced Energy/Resource onservation Options

The three primary strategies have been retrofitted into the existing buildings. The future options strategy will be implemented along with the primary strategies in new buildings and additions as they are built.

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