Master Plan & Framework for Greening Watershed 263

Client: Parks and People Foundation
Project Location: West Baltimore, Maryland
Cost: NA
Completion: 20 year project

Watershed 263 is a 930 acre “stormshed” of underground pipes located in west Baltimore. TerraLogos developed a green strategy that creates an organizational structure and “skeleton” to enhance the ecological performance of the watershed and reduce stormwater runoff while building social capital in the neighborhood. The centerpiece of the Framework is the “Greenway” that connects critical community spaces, such as schools and parks, cultural/historical sites, neighborhoods and commercial centers through tree-lined and safe streets. Features include bio-retention gardens and vegetated roofs.


Environmental Design Features:

• “Greenway” and “Green Boulevards” to promote community activity and employment, improve the quality of the watershed and create safer and cleaner neighborhoods
• Vacant lot used for community planting to reduce runoff and provide recycling centers
• “Bioshelter” bus stops reduce runoff while adding artistic value
• Plans to reduce impermeable surfaces by up to 75% in housing blocks through use of vegetated roofs and bio-retention gardens
• Park grounds improvement with larger tree canopy, fewer impervious surfaces, enhanced community areas, and connecting parks and schools via the “Greenway” bike and pedestrian paths

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