Evergreen Elementary Graphics Project

TerraLogos: eco architecture served as the LEED Coordinator for the design team, led by TCA Architects, for the new prototype LEED Gold Evergreen Elementary School. In addition, TerraLogos developed the graphic signage program used throughout the school and grounds, providing educational content to describe over twenty LEED or Sustainable Design features incorporated within the school. Graphic design firm Substance 151 designed the graphic system and produced the final signs.

Small Indoor Signs:

TerraLogos and Substance 151 collaborated to produce the informational signage templates, designed to fit wall placards located throughout the facility. The small sign templates allow for new content and modification as needed. Specially designed icons identify six basic categories of the sustainable design strategies that enhance the school, and Substance 151 designed an icon for the school mascot, “Chessie.” The educational content is written to a third grade reading level, so that all may learn how
these green design elements work to save energy and the environment.

Exterior Signs:

Five exterior signs were created to explain the sustainable site and green building strategies employed throughout the school. These 24’ x 36” resin-impregnated sign boards are located onthe campus within sight of the demonstrated sustainable features.

Information Kiosk:

The “Green Kiosk” is an interactive, web-based, flat-screen monitor that allows students to track the building’s energy and to interact with other green building features. TerraLogos and Substance 151 designed and produced educational signage located below the Green Kiosk. These signs bring awareness to Evergreen Elementary School’s unique place on the planet, providing information about the endangered species and habitat surrounding the school. The graphic program, like the school, is designed to inform, teach and encourage the school’s community to respect, protect and restore our beautiful natural world.

Etched Glass Wall:

Created by Frederick, MD artist Sharon Rowland, this beautiful etched glass wall depicts the regional ecosystems that touch Evergreen Elementary. Spanning the Appalachian Piedmont through the coastal plain to the ocean’s edge, this panorama gracefully sets the school’s environmental focus into a regional context. This work of art is a design element as well, allowing daylight to flood the media center located behind the glass wall.

Download a pintable version