Evergreen Elementary School

Client: St. Mary’s County Public Schools
Project Location: California, Maryland
Cost: $17.5 Million
Completion: August 2009

school entrance showinng awning with green roof canopy on the sidewalkServing as LEED Coordinator to the Project Team for this new elementary school building, which will serve as the prototype for the next generation of school construction in St. Mary’s County. The goal of the project is to create a community of stewards of the environment, by instilling within each and every student a sense of involvement, commitment and responsibility to the mainenance and sustenance of our environment. The new building is expected to receive a LEED Silver rating.

storm water management & cisternsEnvironmental Design Features

• Green vegetated roof to reduce stormwater runoff, insulate, and create habitat
• Renewable energy-photovoltaic panels and a small wind turbine
• Water barrels for rainwater harvesting
• “Green Kiosk” with interactive display
• Interactive human sun dial
• Benches for outdoor class instruction
• Clerestory windows for natural daylighting
• Second story outdoor learning courtyard
• Stormwater management islands to minimize runoff from the parking lots
• High performance building envelope and natural daylight design
• Optimized energy systems with geothermal classrooms sustainable solutions beyond the building.

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