Washington County Public Library - LEED® Coordination

Client: Bushey Feight Morin Architects
Owner: Highmark Inc.
Project Location: Hagerstown, Maryland
Cost: $18 million
Completion: 2012

TerraLogos is providing LEED® Coordination for the renovation and expansion of the library, located in the historic center of Hagerstown, Maryland. Through selective demolition, the project maintains the primary structure of the existing library and expands on it to create an 87,000 GSF library. In addition to the library this facility also houses community rooms, offices, and the County Emergency Management Center. The Library focused on using natural daylighting to create a dramatic circular stair atrium and to offset electric use, conserve water and integrate environmental landscape and site development features.

Environmental Design Features:

• Rainwater is collected and stored in a cistern that is then used to wash the bookmobile.
• 25% reduction in stormwater run-off due to a combination of pervious paving and native landscaping.
• 30% potable water use reduction
• Installed an interactive kiosk to educate visitors about the sustainable features of the building and provided real-time water and energy usage data.
• 19% energy savings are projected through high-performance building envelope and high-efficiency HVAC system.
• Extensive day-lighting strategies were incor- porated to supplement lighting in the stacks, cascade into the central atrium, and provide excellent light in the reading areas.

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