Sports Zone Stores - Regional Athletic Apparel

Client: Sports Zone, Inc. Greenbelt, MD
Project Location: Metropolitan DC
Architect: TerraLogos, pc Baltimore, MD
Average Cost: $50,000- $85,000
Average Design Time: 4-6 weeks
Average ConstructionTtime: 2-8 weeks

TerraLogos has provided architectural and design services on multiple 1,800 square foot tenant fit outs throughout the Baltimore - Washington metro region. Developing a template for fast execution of permit and construction plans, TL has worked with the owner’s design concept to create a prototype store layout that promotes a “lifestyle” shopping experience for the Sports Zone customers. The template includes standard material and color pallette, unique retail fixtures and lighting selections to promote the brand and generate a high sales per square foot ratio.

Design Features:

  • ED and T-8 lamp selections
  • Maximize selling floor areas in existing tenant lease space
  • Reuse existing duct work, HVAC systems when possible
  • Reduce toilet room fixtures and water use when possible
  • Sealed concrete floors when possible
  • Minimize new construction, use prefabricated fixtures (IKEA shelving)
  • Retail fixtures are mobile and can be reused

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