BSAPR New Office Renovation

Client: Blanchard Schaefer Advertis- ing & Public Relations
Project Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Cost: $600,000
Completion: December 2010

The owner of Blanchard Schaefer Advertising & Public Relations purchased a historic building in Ft. Worth that had been sitting vacant in order to create a new home for the firm. TerraLogos came up with a plan to keep the historic fabric of this apartment building intact while updating it to meet the demands of a high tech modern office. The interior renovations included all new energy effcient HVAC and hot water systems, new interior structure, and the installation of a commercial elevator.

Environmental Design Features:

  • Nearly 100% of the exterior masonry walls were kept in place preserving the historic nature of the building.
  • A new energy efficent instant hot water system was installed.
  • Outdated HVAC systems were replaced with new systems to reduce energy consumption and provide greater individual control.
  • Sun shades were added to reduce the amount of direct sunlight allowed into the building during the hot summer months.

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