The Regent Building - LEED® Coordination

Client: Cooper Carry Architects and Associates Alexandria, VA
Owner: The JBG Companies
Project Location: Ballston, Virginia
Cost: $34 million
Completion: 2007

TerraLogos: eco architecture served as the LEED® Coordinator throughout the duration of this project and was able to help the buildign achieve a LEED® Silver rating. The Regent at 950 North Glebe Road is a 263,000 SF 12-story mixed-use building at a prominent intersection in Ballston, Virginia. The site design transforms a previous suburban project into a mixed-use development of street retail, office, and under- ground parking. A combination of hardscape, planting beds, benches, and signage all contribute to a lively streetscape for the pedestrian.

Environmental Design Features:

- Catering to commuters,The Regent is on a highly accessible site adjacent to Zipcar, Flexcar, Metro and ART bus lines, and multiple Arlington County bike trails.
- A Highspeed right-only vehicular lane was removed on the Fairfax Drive curb line to slow down traffic, create a pedestrian friendly streetscape and bike trails to a network of Arlington on-road bike lanes.
- Within its underground parking facility,The Regent offers storage and showering facilities for 72 bicycles.
- The retail base of the building was designed to lend human scale to the presence and creates a lively streetscape for the pedes trian.
- The Regent contains a stormwater vault that is being charged with condensate water from the air-handling units, from roof water, and from under-slab drainage.

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