Neighbors of Library Square
Revitalization Master Plan & Park Design

Client: Friends of Library Square
Project Location: East Baltimore, Maryland
Costs: $3.5-5.0 MM
Completion: FY 2018

TerraLogos for ten years has provided pro‐bono services to redevelop and plan for the revitalization of this unique 2.5 acre park. The park is bordered by two busy streets, the Patterson Park Branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, and the Wm. Paca Elementary School. The Revitalization Master Plan forms the frame- work for multiple projects, community outreach and input, and saftey improvments. Throughout the multi‐year project, principles of sustainable design are incorporated while coordinating substantial commu- nity input through a series of design charrettes.

Environmental Design Features:

The park is coming back to life. The primary area of Library Square will be designed by Biohabitats, as an innovative, urban stormwater management system with rain gardens and pervious paving. Community generated design features:

  • Artist designed fence along Fayette Street
  • New signage and community bulletin board
  • Reading garden on Linwood side of Patterson Park
  • Branch Library
  • Restoration & new planting of the Soldier Memorial monument
  • Redesign of the large city bus stop at Lakewood Avenue

Ms. Schaefer served as the chair of the Design Committee for the Friends of Library Square, a non‐ profit community organization established to bring over five neighborhood associations together and to coordinate with the local community, Banner Neighborhoods Inc (custodian of the project), multiple city agencies including: Dept of Trans- portation, Dept of Public Works, the Enoch Pratt Free Library System, Baltimore City Department of Parks and Recreation.

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