Highmark Data Center - LEED® Management Services

Client: RTKL, Inc. Baltimore, MD
Owner: Highmark Inc.
Project Location: Camp Hill, PA
Completion: 2005

TerraLogos served as the LEED® Coordinator for this new 86,000 SF Data Center for Highmark, a major healthcare provider in Pennsylvania. Planning started in 2002 for this server facility designed to an N+1 security level. Data centers use a lot of energy and water to cool the servers and maintain uninterrupted operations. Due to Highmark’s commitment to environmental stewardship and security, the facility was one of the first in the region to be designed to achieve a LEED® Silver rating. The RTKL architects and engineers focused on maximizing energy efficiencies and innovative water savings to achieve the LEED® rating.

Environmental Design Features:

• Creating a productive and secure workplace environment was an important criteria for the Highmark Data Center which is staffed 24/7/365. Individual work areas throughout the plant are equipped with temperature and lighting controls, and carbon dioxide monitors all tied back to the controls in the command center of this mission critical facility.
• Water savings were generated by collecting rainwater from the roof, filtered and directed to the 100,000 gallon underground tank. The water is used for irrigation, flushing toilets and make up water for the chillers. The data center has been designed to achieve a 30% potable water use reduction saving millions of gallons per year, especially for the chiller plant.
• When in design, the engineers employed the best server cooling system available at the time, an innovative High-Delta T Cooling (HDTC) system. Cool air is directed through plenums at the floor into enclosed server rack cabinets and exhausted out the top. HDTC systems greatly reduce water usage for chiller operation and allowed for improved energy efficiency in cooling the server racks.

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