Habitat for Humanity: NSP2 Affordable Home Renovations

Client: Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake
Project Location: East Baltimore, MD
Construction cost: $14,000-$145,000
Completion: 2012

Partial Property List:

1. 414 N Glover 17. 135 N Decker
2. 2423 E Jefferson 18. 113 N Milton
3. 156 N Kenwood 19. 405 N Glover
4. 16 N Luzerne 20. 32 N Potomac
5. 226 N Glover 21. 215 N Milton
6. 142 N Decker 22. 39 N Belnord
7. 122 N Belnord 23. 2412 E Fairmount
8. 221 N Montford 24. 431 N Glover
9. 2419 Jefferson 25. 2419 E Fayette
10. 5 N Glover 26. 203 N Lakewood
11. 2710 Pulaski 27. 205 N Lakewood
12. 156 N Linvwood 28. 164 N Potomac
13. 200 N Glover 29. 133 N Streeper
14. 152 N Milton 30. 441 N Montford
15. 138 N Glover 31. 207 N Lakewood
16. 129 Streeper 32. 2411 Jefferson

TerraLogos is providing architectural services for Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake (HFHC) in the Patterson Park and McElderry Park neighborhoods of East Baltimore. Working under the Neighborhood Stabilization Program II, a federally funded effort to mitigate the impacts of foreclosed, short sale and abandoned properties, we are conducting site surveys and designing safe, affordable, and energy efficient homes for over 50 new HFHC families. The schedule is compressed with the goal of having the properties assessed, designed, renovated, sold and families moved in by mid-2012.

The TerraLogos Plan:

  • Created a standard survey form for assessing existing conditions.
  • Developed 4 levels of renovation packages from cosmetic through gut rehabs, with standard levels of work clearly indicated in drawings and notes.
  • Customized ourTerraLogos Green Rowhouse Renovation Template© and used it in the produc tion for each of HFHC properties. We customized each template plan for the existing conditions and designed the heating and cooling system for most homes. Our system allowed us to cost-effectively generate over 20 plans within a 10-week time frame
  • Provided custom design services for structures with special requirements such as ADA accessibility, 5 bedrooms (in a two story rowhome!), or for proper ties located near busy commercial districts.
  • TerraLogos is currently working with the owner and building contractors to improve specific construction details, streamline the construction and implement best practices for improved energy efficiency in the rowhome renovations.

Environmental Design Features:

  • Air sealing and properly insulating the building envelope to reduce energy loss and control moisture in the home, including the installation of appropriate ventilation strategies.
  • High-performance energy efficient wood windows that also meet the requirements of the Historic Tax Credit.
  • Energy packages and mechanical systems properly designed and sized for each house to maximize efficiency.
  • Low VOC interior finishes and formaldehyde-free kitchen cabinets.
  • Energy Star Appliances and equipment installed.
  • FloWise water efficient lavatories and faucets.
  • Introduction of natural daylight through controlled skylights, or through light monitors to provide better indirect light and thermal performance than regular skylights.
  • Assistance with Home Owner’s education and operation of their new green homes.
  • Promotion of container gardens, trash bin storage, and small outdoor play or eating areas for backyard design.

135 N. Decker

2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom
Construction Costs: $79,200

Originally built in 1912, this rowhome had damage from a leaking skylight but the floor and roof structure was still intact. The challenge with this property was that it was only 11’-2” wide. An evaluation of the property determined that the existing stairs could be repaired. This allowed more room on the 2nd floor with larger bedrooms and a new bathroom.

9 N. Glover Street

3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Construction
Costs: $98,000

One of the challenges working on this project was to find different ways to maximize the amount of bedrooms in each property. The property at 5 N Glover had a previous addition built onto the rear of the 1st floor, which was used to add a 3rd bedroom and 2nd bathroom into the home. Due to these additions Habitat was able to immediately find a family who wanted to live here.

156 N. Linwood Ave.

4 Bedroom, 2.5 Bathroom
Construction Costs: $134,740

This home was designed for a volunteer that has gone above and beyond the requirements of HFHC. The 1st floor remains open and spacious with a large kitchen, pantry, 1/2 bath, and closet for the washer/dryer. Security was a concern for this property due to a busy bus stop that is right outside the front door. An entrance was added at the rear of the property to allow the family to enter and exit their home while avoiding the crowds at the bus stop.

39 N. Belnord Ave.

5 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom
Construction Costs: $144,740

This property had been abandoned since construction came to a halt on what was to become a new retail establishment. The biggest challenge on this property was to convert the existing retail structure into a new 5 bedroom home while keeping construction costs at a minimum. The exterior facade had to be updated and completely redesigned to meet the requirements of the Historic Tax Credit.

2412 E Fairmount Ave: Women Design and Women Build

Located at 2412 Fairmount Street is the Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake Women Build home. Unlike many of the other homes slated for renovation and rehabilitation under the NSP2 federal grant, this home will be primarily built by teams of female volunteers. TerraLogos not only designed this home to become a certified Energy Star Home, but the office team went beyond architectural services to work on the home with a company wide volunteer day.


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