Ft. Belvoir Command Headquarters Facility Study

Client: U.S. Army Garrison, Ft. Belvoir , VA
Project Location: Ft. Belvoir, Mt. Vernon, Virginia
Completion: 2003/2007

TerraLogos provided guidance on incorporating sustainable design principals into the MP and HQ Site Studies so that site layouts maximize solar access and reduce storm water impacts. Within the new Command HQ Site Study TL assisted PBS&J evaluating 8 different sites and three architectural styles for a new 275,000 gsf new headquarter facility for a US Army Command. The Site Study evaluated site orientation and “fit,” building massing and style, traffic flow, structured parking and security measures for this facility.

Environmental Design Features

• Site orientation of buildings to maximize passive solar energy and minimize disruption to the land
• Systems that are able to serve multiple functions
• Strategies that minimize the impact to the underground aquifers
• Innovative stormwater management plan to minimize the developmental impacts to surface waters
• Reduced energy use for both HVAC and power loads to lower operating costs
• Transportation plan that reduces trips and uses Smart Growth Principles
• Efficient construction systems that reduce material use
• Construction and Demolition Waste recycling program for future projects on the base

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