Deanwood Community Center & Library - LEED®

Client: EEK Architects
Owner: Washington DC, Dept. of Parks and Recreation
Project Location: Washington DC
Cost: $24 million
Completion: 2010

TerraLogos served as LEED® Coordinator for this new 60,000 SF community center. This was a pilot project for the District of Columbia, testing a new strategy for providing multiple community and social services from a single facility. The project included a branch library, social services center, athletic facilities and natatorium, early education center, and traditional community center facilities, all located adjacent to a major public transit hub. TerraLogos provided enhanced specifications modifications in addition to our customary array of complete LEED® Coordination. The Center acheived a LEED® Silver-rating.

entrance & pool facility - image by EEK Architects

Environmental Design Features:

• High-efficiency HVAC with a direct, digital control system exploits the thermal mass of the swimming pool water to reduce overall energy use.
• Landscaping along with high-reflectance paving and roof reduces heat island effect.
• Aggregates every city service of the neighbor hood less than half a block from the public transit hub.
• Athletic fields use artificial turf, which tolerates more frequent and intensive playing field use, while reducing stormwater runoff by 35%.
• Abundant daylighting throughout the building creates more liveable, energy-saving spaces.
• Extensive use of regional, recycled, low-voc materials.
• High-efficiency dehumidification and complete segregation of the natatorium.
• 94% of construction waste was diverted from landfills to recycling.
• Efficient water use design reduces water usage by 35%.

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