Courtyard House - Concept Design

Client: Private Developer
Project Location: Sandy Springs, Maryland
Cost: Estimaged $750,000
Completion: Project Not Constructed

TerraLogos developed the concept design for a large, 2-story courtyard house. The client had worked many years in the eastern Mediterranean and in Greece and Turkey. TerraLogos incorporated attributes of Mediterranean design and lifestyle for the home, to be constructed on the client’s property in the suburban/rural landscape of Maryland. TL proposed a light-filled and spacious, but energy efficient home using a ground loop geothermal HVAC system. The house wraps around a 40’ x 50’ courtyard designed to hold the owner’s extensive sculpture collection.





Environmental Design Features:

• Courtyard designed to be shaded during the summer and provide natural cooling
• All rooms positioned around the courtyard to provided natural ventilation of cooled air
• Exterior walls made of environmentally friendly and regionally produced aerated concrete block
• High efficiency geothermal heating with radiant floors
• Low VOC materials use to provide a healthy interior atmosphere
• HVAC system zoned to separate the guest quarters from the rest of the home
• Low-E windows

Download a pintable version