Choice Hotels LEED Analysis

Client:Choice Hotels International, Inc., Silver Spring, MD
Project Location: US and International Sites
Cost: NA
Completion: NA

• Bio-retention planting strips at parking curb
• Potential green roof
• Increased street trees for shading parking
• Solar PV panels

Comfort Suites Prototype LEED Gap Analysis & Sustainability Report

Analysis of the Comfort Suites Hotel Prototypes Design, Specifications and typical Vendor List for evaluating:

• Sustainable design & green feature capability
• Energy use for Comfort Suites Hotels built in the mid-Atlantic region
• Prepared LEED Scorecard for the prototype design, recommenda-tions for upgrading to achieve LEED Certified, Silver, or Gold
• Prototype Specifications and provide information and language on integrating LEED language to the standard specifications
• Prototype Design Vendor List for green products, services or environmental policies
• “Greener” exterior shell building materials

Recommendations to enable Comfort Suites Prototypes to achieve LEED Certified, Silver or Gold:

1) Conserve water: high-efficiency guest room fixtures, & reduce potable water usage for irrigation.
2) Conserve energy: less heated water; add insulation & air sealing; higher-efficiency HVAC units, occupancy sensors; energy efficient lighting.
3) Select Energy Star a equipment: ice machines, laundry & office equipment.
4) Energy & water savings for Swimming Pools reduce operational costs & energy.

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