One Green Home at a Time: 1400 N. Bond Street

Client: David Borinsky Bridge Private Lending Baltimore, MD
Project Location: Oliver Neighborhood Northeast Baltimore
Costs: NA
Completion: NA

The goal of the One Green Home at a Time initiative is to renovate entire blocks of sustainable green homes and create a network of buildings interconnected by public green space. 1400 N Bond St. is to serve as a prototype sustainable home in the Oliver Neighborhood. The design takes advantage of the ample windows along the south facade to provide day lighting and passive heating to all interior spaces. Planters and rain gardens have been placed along the side of the building to provide a visible green element as well as functioning to reduce storm water runoff.

Design Features:

  • A new stairway location allows for 3 bedrooms and 1 bath on the second floor despite the restrictions of a narrow rowhome.
  • All open 1st floor plan allows the sun to penetrate deep within the space and reduce energy costs by passively heating the home during the winter.
  • Sun shades on the south facade help keep the building cool by blocking the hot summer sun.
  • New planters installed along the south facade serve as rainwater gardens and control storm water runoff.
  • Wire trellis and vine growth will protect the building from unwanted solar gain during the summer.
  • A rebuilt storefront retains the original historic character of the home and allows it to meet the restrictions of the Historic Tax Credit.
  • Conducted a brainstorming session with the entire project team to develop a design and work through all potential issues that may arise during construction.

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