Annapolis Greening Initiative

Client: City of Annapolis
Project Location: Annapolis, Maryland
Cost: NA
Completion: June 2003

With funding from Maryland Energy Administration, Department of Natural Resources brought in TerraLogos to inaugurate the Annapolis Green Initiative. The planning team, made up of representatives from DNR, city government and TerraLogos, felt that the most efficient way to present information and encourage synergy between various city departments was to host a one day workshop. The workshop highlighted what Annapolis and other cities are doing, and provided a setting for city employees to interact and brainstorm.

City of Annapolis Goals

• Preserve and enhance the natural environment
• Promote sustainable economic growth
• Provide access to jobs and affordable housing to all citizens
• Reduce cost of city services and “lead by example”on city controlled projects
• Gain more control over decisions about the explosive growth occur ring in adjacent parts of Anne Arundel County, including transportation and parking issues
• Develop underutilized, infill areas, including the downtown business district
• Promote environmental education to all citizens, potentially teaming with public and pr ivate schools in Annapolis

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