Baltimore City Green Building Standards

TerraLogos: eco architecture was selected by the city in 2008 to develop the new green building regulations for the promotion of the design and construction of verifiable green projects for both public and private development in the city. Team TerraLogos including consultants from CCJM Chicago, ATI and Impact HR of Columbia MD, worked two years with the city to develop and implement the Standards. TerraLogos continues to work with the city but is now available to assist other project teams in coordination and management of Standards projects through our diversified staff and supporting consultants.

What are the Baltimore City Green Building Standards?

The Green Building Standards were officially released for use by developers, owners, design and construction teams, and the general public on Friday September 17, 2010. The Standards are the regulations and process by which Baltimore will ensure the design and construction of green buildings for both public and private development.  The Standards are based on the US Green Building Council LEED® v3.0 (2009) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating program, which has been adapted and customized to fit the development conditions, local market and sustainability goals of Baltimore.  The Standards are designed to work with the regular permit review and construction inspection process conducted by HCD and are based on 150 credit points with a score of 65 points needed to earn the City’s 2-Green Star rating.

The Standards, buiding on the sustainability goals of the city as established in the Baltimore Sustainability Plan, give “bonus” and “automatic” points to certain credits that help lower Green House Gas emissions, storm water pollution, reduce energy use and create healthier more vibrant neighborhoods and development within the city. 

Economic Development Benefits:

Green buildings and projects can add significantly to the quality of life in Baltimore, reducing our collective energy and water use, lower GHG emissions, reduce stormwater runoff, aid in restoration of the Baltimore Harbor, and create more vibrant and healthy places and spaces. The BCGBS has been designed to support the sustainability goals of the city and work in concert with historic preservation and restoration projects.

Green building can be an important economic development tool that not only saves energy, water and operational costs but more importantly attracts high-quality, long term tenants and owners who want to live and work in green properties.

How can TerraLogos help your project team with the Standards?

  • We can provide Standards management, including credit assembly and documentation permit review consultation and general advice on how to get a project rated under the Standards system. Similar to our LEED Coordination services we can assist your project team in all aspects from pre-design through project completion. Remember once the project receives their Certificate of Occupancy it also achieves the BCGBS rating. Often getting started with the Standards can be a challenge and we can help your team evaluate and set goals for a successful green project.
  • Use our websiteto download copies of the Standards and relevant supporting materials including “Step-by-Step” information on various forms, scorecards and templates found in the Standards. We also maintain a direct link to the HCD green building website where you can also download free copies of all Standards materials.
  • Permit review process assistance – Since the Standards are aligned with the regular building permit application and construction inspection process, TerraLogos can assist project teams in assembling their documentation and coordinating with HCD staff involved in the process.
  • Customized green guidelines, programs or rating systems for local jurisdictions, institutions, companies and school districts. Team TerraLogos can assist your community in generating similar guidelines or develop tailored regulations that can help your community or organization move in a sustainable direction, and always tailored to work for you.

If you would like more information on the Standards, assistance with the Permit Review Process or how Team TerraLogos can assist your community in generating similar guidelines or to develop tailored regulations that can help your community move in a sustainable direction please contact Kim Schaefer at or 410-276-8519.