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The average American family produces nearly 500 pounds of organic waste material each year. What we know as “garbage” essentially goes to the landfill as part of the municipal solid waste stream”. But garbage can be turned into compost fairly easily if handled properly. As noted in the January 2nd edition of the East Baltimore Guide.

Jeremy Brosowsky of Washington D.C. founded Compost Cab, and started with a simple question: “What would composting need to look like for [me] to participate?” The solution was Compost Cab, a weekly service that picks up your Nitrogen and Carbon rich waste materials for a small fee, and transports them to a local farm to become fertile soil. Compost Cab provides air-tight containers and pick up from your doorstep once a week. This prevents the homeowner from dealing with the maintenance of composting, and all incidental issues such as rodents and smells.

The organic waste is taken to the hands of knowledgeable, local farmers where it is composted and redistributed to customers as fertile soil for urban gardens. Each Compost Cab customer is eligible for soil after three months of material pickup, and receives their share of soil based on how much raw material they have submitted to the program. This is a major part of their vision for sustainable communities. Brosowsky states: “If you believe that local urban agriculture is a fundamental piece of the overarching sustainability puzzle- which we do- then local, community driven composting is essential.” When Compost Cab expands to the Baltimore area this month, gardeners and homeowners in Baltimore can begin to reverse the cycle.

For more information check out Compost Cab’s website: http://compostcab.com/


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