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Everyone knows how easy it is to recycle paper and plastic.  In most counties you just set it out to be picked up each week.  However that weekly pickup typically will not accept electronics and batteries.  This doesn’t mean that you should just throw out those old electronics.  Computer monitors, televisions, batteries, and circuit boards can all contain lead, chromium, mercury, and many other chemicals that are hazardous if allowed to leach into the ground.

The electronics that you use every day from cell phones to printers all contain valuable metals, plastics, and glass that can be recovered and reused to make new products.

TerraLogos recently replaced computers in our office and had accumulated a good stockpile of old electronics. We needed to responsibly clean house!  We contracted with a certified, local electronic recycler who came to our office, picked up our electronics, and took them away for free.  The entire process couldn’t have been easier.

Many local jurisdictions offer free electronic recycling drop-off but there are several regional private companies that will come to your home or business to pick up old electronics.  You can find a list of recycling facilities on the EPA website link below.


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