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TerraLogos took an end of the year trip to visit the recently completed historic renovation of Schmucker Hall at the Theological Lutheran Seminary located in Gettysburg, PA.  The new Seminary Ridge Museum will allow visitors to walk the halls where wounded soldiers suffered, hear the voices of duty and devotion, and stand in the spot on the Schmucker Hall cupola where General Buford observed the approaching Confederate forces.

Schmucker Hall, built in 1832, contains 16,000 square feet of floor space and is nationally significant through its role in the American Civil War.  Its location on Seminary Ridge was the site of the first day of the battle of Gettysburg and it served as a hospital throughout the three day battle.  The cupola atop the building provided Civil War generals an observation vantage for viewing the approach of the Confederate troops from the West and is today an icon for American Civil War enthusiasts and scholars.

Murphy and Dittenhafer Architects served as the Architect of Record and worked closely with Whiting Turner to successfully renovation a building with such great historic significance.  The project plans to achieve a LEED certified rating.

You can read more about the museum and plan your visit at their website.  We highly recommend going up into the Cupola for what is truly the best view of the battlefields in all of Gettysburg.


Thank you to Emried Cole, President of the Seminary Endorsement; Jennifer Line, Project Architect, from Murphy and Dittenhafer; and Mike Myers of Whiting Turner  for giving us a tour of the building prior to the exhibit installation.  The museum is scheduled to open July 1st, 2013 in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.

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