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The TerraLogos office took the meaning of design/build literally last week! Located at 2412 Fairmount Street near both Patterson Park and the TerraLogos offices is the Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake Women Build home designed by TerraLogos. Unlike many of the other homes slated for renovation and rehabilitation by Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake under the NSP2 federal grant, this home will be primarily built by volunteers, including our office team (except for Trixi, whose paws aren’t conducive to hammers or chop saws).

Women Build projects are also unique because they encourage women in the community to band together to build homes for families in need. Men are also volunteers, but the mission of a woman strong construction project really drew our team in. We love that women are responsible for the design and (most of the) construction! All the lovely ladies in our office, Kim Schaefer, Irene Jorden Romero and Jessica Choi, picked up hammers and assisted in the project. Outnumbered by the ladies, Michael Stinefelt also swung a hammer and even led some of the construction team in reading the plans. This home will be built to enhanced green standards and be a certified Energy Star Home estimated to save over 30% in energy costs.

Sierra, our Project Manager from Habitat, supervised our crew as we hammered away at the 1st floor ceiling joists, securing the “rat run” perpendicular to the joists. A “rat run” is a single board nailed to the tops of the ceiling joists to hold the position sure and stable against any twist or movement. They got their nickname from their notorious secondary use as a highway for rats in the ceiling, which of course this home will not have! We measured and cut 2×4 pieces with the chop saw, mounting the “dog legs,” blocking that supported the ceiling joists. After lunch we finished up the last of the ceiling work and helped with installing some of the 1st floor wall insulation. Our office bonded over sore shoulders and fashionable hard hats. More than that, we enjoyed watching our design turn into a beautiful home for a family moving into our own neighborhood.


Interested in volunteering? Contact Habitat today!

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  1. Keli S says:

    Sorry I missed it, looks like you all had a great time!


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