“Create enduring and delightful work that integrates natural systems, builds community and inspires change for ourselves and future generations.”
TerraLogos Mission Statement 2005

About Us

Our name reflects the mission and philosophy of our firm: Terra, Latin for “earth” with Logos, Greek for “wisdom,” “logic,” and “reason,” hence the idea that we work in concert the wisdom or logic of the earth to create spaces and places that work well, are healthy and more integrated with the natural environment.

Founded in Baltimore in 2002, TerraLogos: eco architecture was a pioneer in providing green architecture and sustainable design solutions to the mid-Atlantic region.  Since that time we have dedicated our work to green projects.  We have always known that sustainability is the most practical, cost efficient and responsible approach to design.   We find it to be the most inspiring and beautiful work!  Earlier projects such as the design of the Langston Brown Alternative High School in Arlington, Virginia, and our sustainable consulting for the DuPont Headquarters and Flooring Systems Group in Wilmington, Delaware achieved green standards before LEED was a viable program.  It was not always easy to find clients interested in green design, but the sustained performance of our work has been persuasive.

Over a decade later, we are thrilled — but not surprised — that “green” is now a recognized standard in the industry.  Today we provide green design and consulting services for office buildings, prisons and fire houses, as the performance possibilities of sustainable design have expanded.  Evergreen Elementary School has incorporated its green design elements into the teaching curriculum.  We recently partnered with Baltimore City to write the progressive Green Building Standards that will bring responsible, healthy development to the City.